About Tribal Zone Studio

Tribal Zone Studio

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Tribal Zone Studio designs one-of a kind pieces and limited production lines: Hand-fabricated silver with gold embellishment, bronze and copper; stamped and textured metals, gold foil technique, beautiful hand-lapped and quality gemstones.

The astonishing energies at work while the earth was forming produced an enormous array of breathtaking gemstones. Modern and ancient cultures believe that gemstones possess healing properties and physical energies. Gemstones, silver, gold, platinum and glass are all ancient materials possessing mystical properties, and levels of energy that inspire both the artist and the wearer.

In the design and fabrication of their jewelry,  Suz and Kelly are mother
/daughter collaborators  working in Bronze, Silver, Gold and gemstones.  Their work has an ancient look, emanating a design aesthetic that is both contemporary and timeless.

For over 25 years, Suz has worked primarily in silver, and more recently in bronze and copper; often adding texture by hammer, stamp, or rolling mill. Her interest began with Lapidary (the cutting and polishing of gems) and as she developed her skills in cutting stones she began learning how to set the stones using various metals. During her lifetime career as an artist, Suz has worked in glass, photography, video, and mixed media collage.

Kelly graduated with a BFA in glass art, starting in marketing and is now a full partner in the studio.  Having grown up in a family busy with their hands and hearts in the arts, Kelly was inspired by both her parents to become an artist and craftsperson.  Her focus in art is based in the medium of glass, functional and non-functional blown and sculpted work and in metalwork.

Tribal Zone Studio is a proud member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths

Suz teaches Precious Metal Clay at various art centers on the west coast.  She currently teaches at Danaca Design Studio in Seattle and South Seattle Community College.

Kelly teaches glass blowing classes at Pilchuck and across the US.